What To Expect

What to expect when you visit AOG

Once your appointment is scheduled you can complete much of the initial intake paperwork through our patient portal.
You will receive instructions for creating your portal login when you schedule your visit. Most forms not completed prior to your visit can be completed using the convenient iPad Kiosk at check-in.
Arrive Early
New patients should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment time and existing patients should arrive 15 minutes early to complete the check-in process and any necessary paperwork.
Bring ID & Insurance
Be sure to bring your picture ID and insurance card(s) and remember that your co-pay will be due at the time of your visit.
It is important to bring any previous diagnostic x-rays, MRIs or CTs with you. If you have had an MRI or CT scan at the following facilities, we will be able to access those studies online.
- Health First
- Neuro Skeletal Imaging
- Coastline Imaging
- University Center Imaging
- Open MRI of Rockledge
Exam Screening
Once the check-in process is complete one of our friendly Medical Assistants will escort you to an exam room and complete the initial screening and data collection including the following elements:

- Height & Weight (BMI)
- Blood Pressure
- Medication list: Please bring a list of your current medications including the name, dose and frequency used
- Chief Complaint
- Signs & Symptoms
- Allergies
- Medical history
- Surgical history
What's next?
Once this initial information is captured by the Medical Assistant the Provider will be with you shortly. It may be helpful to bring a written list of questions you have and a pen to take notes during your visit with the Provider. The Provider may order an X-ray to be done in our office to assist with diagnosing your problem. If so, an X-ray Technician will escort you from the exam room to the X-ray department for quick digital X-rays to be performed.

The Provider will review all diagnostic studies, inquire about your symptoms, and perform a physical exam, as necessary. Once the Provider has reviewed all findings with you, he or she will discuss treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

At the conclusion of your visit you will be directed to the check-out desk with follow-up instructions, your co-pay is due at that time. Details of your visit will be available on the patient portal within about 72 hours.
Open M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm - Closed Weekends

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